QuietPure Whisper Air Purifiers by Aerus

The QuietPure Whisper Bedroom air purifier will quickly and quietly remove airborne pollutants in any room up to 350 square feet; ideally sized for bedrooms, offices or smaller living rooms. You will breathe easier thanks to the Whisper’s three stages of air quality filtration and appreciate the Auto Mode that automatically adjusts it’s air flow based on current air quality. The Whisper also features an air quality display that appears as a lit ring around the top of the air purifier. The ring’s color indicates the quality of your air so a quick glance at the Whisper will provide you with valuable feedback. A programmable timer function allows for effortless operation day or night. Color: White with silver accents.


Product Description


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QuietPure Whisper Air Purifiers by Aerus are ideal for someone who…

  • Requires effective protection against dangerous air contaminants
  • Prefers an air purifier that displays real air quality conditions
  • Desires a smart air purifier that can react to changes in air quality
  • Suffers from allergies, asthma or a respiratory illness such as COPD
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